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Real Estate Investing Service In Dallas – Fort Worth

SFG Acquisitions provides a wide variety of products and services depending on your real estate investing goals. We offer everything from A to Z when it comes to real estate investing in Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding areas so that you only need one resource to accomplish all of your real estate investing needs. Whether you’re looking for cash flow real estate investment properties with equity, wholesale fixer-uppers, or a way to use self directed IRA investing for real estate to get higher returns, we’ve got you covered. Look below at some of the many products and services we offer our clients.

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Access to turn-key, Performing Note-ready cash-flow real estate investment properties

Access to turn-key, Performing Note-ready properties – We give you access to the best real estate investment property deals that Dallas Fort Worth & surrounding areas has to offer. The best part is everything is already done for you. Many of our homes have recently been renovated and have tenant-owners in place, so you can focus on collecting cash flow. Register with our site for free to get an updated list of our inventory-The 3 Step Dallas – Fort Worth Property Invest Program

Let SFG Acquisitions help you build wealth now through Dallas Fort Worth & surrounding areas with real estate investing. Our 3-Step Dallas – Fort Worth Property Invest Program let’s you get started immediately without the guesswork and time commitment. You don’t have to do a thing… It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Dallas – Fort Worth Property Invest Program – find a real estate investment property

  •    Tell us your cash flow goals: Our team of professionals will find both MLS and non-MLS listings that we have personally screened to meet your specifications.
  •    Get the facts: We give you “as-is” pictures of the entire home, an assessment of the neighborhood, approximate mortgage or rents, an estimate of rehab, and comparable sales. We give you EVERYTHING you need to make an educated purchase.
  •    Pick and purchase: Once you’ve selected a property, we assist you with all the required paperwork and procedures to close on the home.


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  • Build your contracting team: We gather and negotiate contractor bids based on your budget for your approval, help secure all necessary insurance and permits, build a schedule of work phases and payments – and AWAY WE GO!
  • Let the renovation begin: We’ll send you photo updates of the process and high quality before and after videos
  • Rest Assured: One of the greatest benefits (especially for out-of-state investors) of using our 3-Step Dallas – Fort Worth Property Invest Program is that you can feel comfortable about releasing draws to contractors when they complete phases of your rehab. We help save you time and money by actually being onsite on a weekly basis during your project.


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Step 3 – CASH FLOW:

Dallas – Fort Worth real estate investing with cash flow property

  • Secure the RIGHT Private Note or tenant: If you’d like to Owner Finance your property for cash flow Private Notes, we market your home in order to find a qualified tenant. We screen prospective tenants and put the right tenant in your property based upon their qualifications and your cash flow goals.
  • You can also choose to continue to use our property management on a monthly basis once a Owner-tenant is in place.


  • Save you time: no more searching or endless analysis to find good real estate investment deals or wasting time finding an honest contractor and property manager.
  • Save you money: don’t waste your hard earned money on bad property deals in unfamiliar neighborhoods or with untested and unsupervised contractors.
  • Give you peace of mind: make only one call to manage every aspect of your real estate deals. We take care of everything from start to finish and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Help you build wealth … NOW! – Contact us today to get started!

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Assistance with purchasing homes using your self directed IRA

Instead of letting your IRA money dwindle away in the stock market you can actually purchase properties through your IRA and work on a wealth-building plan. We’ll show you how and work with you to make it happen with your Self Directed IRAs such as Private Note Investing with tangible assets – Real Estate .

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Opportunities to earn a return on your money without owning real estate

For clients who are more risk-adverse and want to earn a healthy return on their money without owning real estate, our private lending program can help you earn substantially larger returns than you’d see by leaving your money in a bank account. We’ll show you how.

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Assistance selling your real estate investment properties

Sell your real estate investing in Dallas – Fort worth & surrounding area properties

We have a vast network of buyers in our network. We can help you sell your properties faster by presenting your properties to our buyers if they meet their criteria.

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