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Nicholas Brown- Funding Manager

We are a Real Estate Investing Company by which we invest in the  Dallas / Fort Worth area. We purchase and maintain properties at wholesale prices and renovate properties for Owner Financing, Lease Option to Buy,Construction to Permenant Financing, or renovate properties to sell above wholesale.

We work with new and experienced investors to help them accomplish their investment goals with various structures available for beginner,intermediate,advanced.

Some of our clients are in search for  real estate investment properties that are currently have a Performing Mortgage Note  or rented and producing a monthly cash flow, some want to quick turn houses for large profits, some like to rehab fixer-uppers, and some are in search for assistance with getting financing and property management. We also have options for those individuals who are more risk adverse and would prefer not to own real estate, but want a higher and safer return on their money than they might receive in the stock market or at the bank. Our goal is to help investors by providing all of their real estate investment needs under one roof.

Our company best serves individuals who desire financial stability and are looking to better their financial position. We will work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them accomplish their real estate investment and financial objectives or challenges.

SFG Acquisitions is an Dallas – Fort Worth real estate company whose mission is to help investors across the country purchase equality investment properties that boast equity and cash flow in Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We strive to achieve maximum profit for our clients using our extensive experience in real estate investing.

We believe in a customer-first mentality and work to establish long term relationships with our clients by focusing on putting them in the best position possible with each home they purchase – because we are only successful when our clients are successful.

Under the leadership of its founder, Nicholas Brown, we will continue to assist our clients in purchasing, selling, rehabbing and Private Note Cash-flowing hundreds of homes.

We look to help a such investors both in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and across the country purchase investment properties that help them build wealth, and our ethical and innovative business practices leads to most of our clients coming from word of mouth.

We appreciate your trust and willingness to let us help you build wealth through the Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding areas real estate investing and we look forward to serving you.
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